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Kurt Mahoney: Ramblings

Conscious Revolution! - June 10, 2008

Greetings and one love to all! Just wanted to let you know that Roots Foundation's new release CONSCIOUS REVOLUTION will be available on Tuesday June 17 via direct mail order, and via cdbaby and Amoeba Records Hollywood a week or two later.
We've got an ad for the record in the current issue of The Beat magazine (the annual Bob Marley tribute issue), and also the Reggae Festival Guide, and we also have the title track available for FREE on a cd that accompanies the new issue of Global Rhythm magazine.
Encourage your local radio station to play the record!

The new record is here! - March 10, 2008

At long last my new record 'Where The Heart Is..' IS HERE. It's a beautiful record, and like none I've ever really mellow, personal, introspective, etc. Some of these songs go back aways, and they've longed for a home...a number of them have rarely if ever been even if you think you've heard everything, there's something new for you here...some odes to family, loves both found and lost, a barn burner, and one epic road song.
It should be available at, and of course direct through me.
I hope you'll all check it out!
Much love (go Barack!),

I'm Still Here! - December 3, 2007

Greetings, sorry it's been so long..i've been so busy with life it's easy to forget i've got a website!
Roots Foundation are just about finished recording a new record, and we're really excited about it!
It's called CONSCIOUS REVOLUTION, and features a guest spot by RAS MICHAEL, two guest spots by SANTA DAVIS, and one soon to happen with none other than KYMANI MARLEY! i'm thrilled with the songs and the sound of this record, and i think you will be too! I hope it opens many doors for us, leading to a fruitfull 2008!
While doing this record, i wrote a song for my mom for her thing lead to another, and before i knew it i had an 11 song solo acoustic record! i did everything myself, with the help of Roots Foundation saxman Vincent Hizon, and the keyboardist for Conscious Revolution Jawge Hughes, who both provided piano on a few tunes. This is a very personal, mellow record, and i've been told i'm brave for putting it out-but i'd put it more like 'relieved''s a beautiful record (i've also been told) and it's mastered and ready to go.
It's called WHERE THE HEART IS, and it should be out in January, with Conscious Revolution to follow in February!
Meanwhile i've been busy with gigs (sorry i'm bad about listing them), and looking forward to a quiet holiday season...
i hope to have some new video on this site soon, and also on, and there should be new audio samples and live demos on both sites by the time you read this!
Be safe, be well, be thankfull, positive and hopefull for the future-it's up to US, not THEM!!
Blessed and peaceful holidays to you all...

NEW YEAR NEWS - January 15, 2007

Greetings foks, i hope you all had a great holiday season, and wish you all the best for 2007...i've noticed more activity on my site lately, not sure if it's related to my new myspace page, but it's always appreciated! Roots Foundation (and yours truly) can now also be found at foundation- i hope to add a new video there soon, and hope to add a bunch of friends! Believe it or not, some places won't even book you if you're not on myspace!
i'm very excited to announce i'll be opening up for outstanding songwriter/guitarist/bandleader Dave Alvin on Feb. 16th as part of the 'Acoustic Music San Diego' series... This is sure to be a great show, and i hope i can add to it in some small way, and that you all will come down and support me!
Also Roots has a bunch of new gigs, and may have some dates in March with the Skatalites (!), and we will soon be recording a long overdue and much anticipated new release!
i'll keep you posted, you keep in touch!
peace and love to you all,

Roots In The House! - October 26, 2006

Greetings Friends,
After many hours/days/weeks/months of constant toil we've finally got some video up on the site for your viewing pleasure! 'Thanks' is too small a word to express to my friend Beth Gates for dealing with my madness and getting the thing physically realized! Also the great folks at Hostbaby are responsible for getting it up on the site, as i'm clueless about this stuff! It should work on most all computers now, either right on my site or by going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Unfortunately our new (and fantastic) sax player Vincent Hizon isn't on any of these clips, but if you come see us you'll see him in action...i'm also working on an alternate,more 'toned-down' video to send out to agencies, etc who wish to hire us out for corporate/private events, and this does feature Vince. Also i've got a song on Neil Young's 'Living With War' page on his site, just go there, click on '700 best songs' on the top left, and mine is somewhere currently in the 600's..(hey, i just got it up there)! If you all click on and listen maybe i'll climb up the charts! It's also a cool site with lots to check out, if you're into Neil, and NOT into G.W.Bush! That's about it for now, we're keeping nice and busy, looking forward to a productive holiday season, gonna miss those longer days, but it's all good! Send a friend to this site, (particularly if they might want to hire one of my groups!), and take care of one another..until next time, peace and one love to all..

goodbye summer - September 5, 2006

Greetings friends, loved ones, relatives,newshounds!
i hope and trust you all had an adventurous and safe summer..mine has been busy and eventful!
i just wanted to let you know Roots Foundation will be playing a new venue beginning Friday Sept.15 called Buckingham Palace. It's on PCH in Capistrano Beach, directly across from the beach, nice local hang, no cover charge, outdoor patio...and us! We're on at 9:30pm sharp..come on down! Also we'll be at the Aloha Grill in Huntington Beach on Friday 9/8,9/22(9pm) and Sunday 10/1 (4pm). It's on the corner of 3rd and Main where all the action is, and it's a great place! And on Sunday 9/17 we'll be at the world famous Mai Tai Bar at the promenade in Long Beach, downbeat at 8:30 sharp..don't miss that one!!
i will soon be uploading a new band photo which includes our fantastic sax player Vincent Hizon, also i'll be unveiling a new band logo, and adding some live dvd footage for you to check out (particularly all those interested in hiring us)! It hasn't been easy as i've still no home computer, so i've had to enlist the generous help of friends with the proper tools to know who you are-THANK YOU!!
We've seen too many friends and legends pass away...go out and support the musicians you love, as you never know when they'll be gone...and don't forget to show that love to the ones you love as well...
Peace to you all,
Jah Bless.

Summer's here and the time is right... - May 31, 2006

Sorry for the delay in updating, but when you're a one-man 'webmaster' things can be slow...
Roots Foundation has had some great gigs, including opening the show for the legendary Wailing Souls at the Belly Up in Solana Beach..i've got a great live mix of our set-if you'd like a copy, email me...
Yours truly did some steel guitar tracks for Fully Fullwood recently-they should see the light of day on his upcoming new release later this year...and related to that, i'm doing a set with the Fully Fullwood Band this Friday at the UCI Reggae Fesival...irie!
Other than that i'm just hangin' in there and hangin' on-busy busy, with the usual dose of 'universal Mahoney Madness' to keep things interesting...
So sad to hear of the passing of Desmond Dekker, the loss of Family Man's law suit (Chris Whitewurst is STILL a vampire!), and sadder still to see and hear the lies that GW gets away with on a daily basis...he's not worth impeaching, cause if it worked we'd be stuck with Cheney!!!
God Bless Neil Young for his new record 'Living With War'...speaking the truth!!
Buy it! Burn it! Share it!
And let YOUR voice be heard!!!

Recent Happenings.. - January 15, 2006

Hey Folks...
Phantom Train should be receiving airplay real soon, i'll keep you posted as to what stations..
It's also been submitted to the good people at No Depression and Performing Songwriter for review con-sideration-hopefully they'll like it!
Locally the Laguna Beach
Independant gave the record (and yours truly) a nice plug in the Jan.13 issue-you can go to to check it out!
i hope to put some of my photography up on this site soon...
Lastly some nice gigs are coming up for Roots, and the Blue Rose Band..i'll let you know as soon as i do!
Impeach Bush!

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